Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014. Summer and Autumn (part 2.)

Happy New Year deers 
I hope you had a happy New Year's Eve ^_^

So just continue the last post, here is my autumn.
(mostly about my woodland adventures)
Yaay, Moomin 
I draw this on an envelope for penpaling  (๑>ᴗ<๑)
It turned out cute so I printed some stickers too.
Actually my third semester started at September,
so I didn't had too much free-time.
But I always visited my nearest woodland for
relaxing, gathering, and of course for seeing mushrooms!
(if you didn't know, I am a huge maniac of mushrooms)
They are so magical. 
Oh and a little detail of my favourite boots!
I went to visit a new woodland with my family and boyfriend 
It was more like a wildlife-park forest.
The Forester invited us to a little woodland cabin 
where you can peep to the wildlife.
If you are lucky, you can see beautiful deers or boars (etc.)
when the Forester lives them a little food to eat.

We was there in the right time.
It was just so enchanting when they came out. 
I was so touched...It was breathtaking.... and it felt like
in Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫).
I took only some pictures in the last minutes
because I lived for the moment instead of clicking.
(I am sorry for the reflections on the window).
They are so enchanting, aren't they? 
It was one of the best moments of 2014.
And plus point that I saw it with my 
most precious persons in the whole world. 

By the way, sadly I always forgot to take pictures
 of my incoming/outgoing letters but this year
I want to post more penpal things too. (and outfits!) (*^ω^*)

Have a wonderful 2015 my forest friends 
from all over the world ゜+・(о´▽`о)゜+・
As always, thank you for reading me, it means a 
lot to me 

Monday, 29 December 2014

2014. Summer and Autumn (part 1.)

Hello my forest friends!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. 
I had a really special christmas time, 
but I will write about it soon  (๑>ᴗ<๑)
First of all, I planned to write a blog post about 
my summer and autumn but instead I'll write two posts. 
I need to hurry because it's almost New Year!

I start with early summer, an outfit detail shot.
I really love this ^ cardigan, really soft and comfortable,
it's from Wonder Rocket.
Then I got a late birthday present from my japanese penpal friend 
Actually I was so surprised because she sent me Mori Girl shoes! o_o
She bought it from Soulberry (it's a japanese Mori Girl shoe brand)
And it was beautifully wrapped (о´▽`о) ~ ♡
She also sent me some green tea. I was so happy,
and I am so thankful to have such a 
precious and wonderful friend like her 
So many beautiful flowers in our garden *-*
Then in the middle of summer, 
I went to work, it was really hard but I did it! haha
I decided to work at summer to earn my own money to help
my parents because we renovated my room. 
But I had enough free-time for painting and
discover my nearest woodland too. I love being there it's
just so enchanting and relaxing.
I am trying to select pictures, so here's a cute one.
I got raw honey with nuts in it from my boyfriend.
It was sooo yummy 
And some pretty patterns of my thriftshop finds.
Mmm...actually here is one of the most fun part of my summer!
We was able to meet with Jerina and Waltteri 
when we went to Budapest with my boyfriend.
I was so excited and nervous because it was my first
time speaking in english with somebody.
But it was so good, they was so kind and nice! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

First we met at Marumoto (a japanese tea room/shop).
I really love this place, it was my third time being there.
Actually this is from the second day, it's a matcha lemonade 
with matcha cheese cake. Soooo yummy~~!!

Then we went to the Citadel, and I didn't mentioned but
it was super SUPER hot at that day..
When we reached the top, we took some photos
and you can see how weird I looks when I am almost melted. haha
Jerina is so beautiful as always (о´▽`о) ~ ♡
And I miss her so much ;_; She is so cute and kind and wonderful. 
I am so happy to being friends with her, she is precious.
I cherish the little Snufkin what she gave to me
when we said goodbye. 
Actually we went to more places
but now I am so sleepy to write everything down.
All in all it was a really good summer, I hope next summer will be
just as good as it was! ♡ (and I will be able to write my blog! haha)

Thank you for reading me, 
Have a wonderful week everybody ^_^

Friday, 12 December 2014

✿ Long time no see.... ✿

My dear forest friends,
thank you so much for still following me, I am truly appreciate it. 
I know it was a long loooong time ago
 since I posted something and I wanted to write more too, 
but sadly everything becamed busy and hard. \( ; A ; )/
I had my second semester's finals (spring), 
then I went to work (summer), 
and next semester started (autumn), we renovated my room, etc.
I have so many unposted things from this summer/autumn,
 waiting to be posted someday.

So I tought I will be doing an overall post soon. 
And then I could post new things too from now on.
Finally I can put out the original follow button, yaay!! 
So now you can follow me without bloglovin too!

As you can see, 
I finally had time to make the final header of my blog.  (๑>ᴗ<๑)
What do you think? I hope you like it.

I painted this girl (actually it's me haha) this spring.
I painted a 'Happy Cake Girls' (mori girl) series, 
I show you them now. (о´▽`о) ~ ♡
I really enjoyed making them, 
maybe I will paint some new girls too.

As I mentioned, I painted them at this Spring time, 
there was also a banner competition for Spring at the UK Mori Girl Club.
Since my winter desing got a lot of lovely compliments
I thought I should design a banner for spring too. 
This was my desing:
I was sooo happy because I won again, and they liked
it so much. *_* 

I think that's all for today, I am back, and I will write more. hehe 
So now we can go to my summer and autumn adventures next time.

Thank you for your precious time, 
have a lovely afternoon, my deers!

Monday, 24 March 2014

♡ little treasures ♡

Today I want to show you some new stuffs 
I bought at last week.
These are little but I am happy I found them. (о´▽`о) ~ ♡
First, I bought a 'simple' dress (from my favourite secondhand shop), 
it was really cheap and I think it's quite lovely and cute. 
Aww and I feel myself like Hagumi 
when I'm wearing it with a long sleeved shirt.

The main color is off-white but the dress have
a cute beige lace-flower detail in the front.
When I saw it in the shop I fall in love. 
It's simple but it's delicate and cute at the same time.
I am so happy I bought it ♪
I got from my boyfriend a cute rabbit, 
aand I bought a really cute necklace-earring set.
They are so nice. I love the necklace,
I always wanted one like this, peachy and cream colored roses.

Btw, I was asked a lot why I don't have a follow button, 
it's because if I try to put it, they want to make a google+ stuff 
and they want to merge my blog with google+profil. 
And I don't want that.

I'm fine with bloglovin, 
I think it's the easiest way to follow my blog, 
and I can see my followers too.
I am so happy because I have 13 followers through Bloglovin,
Thank you so much dears ♡

And eveybody else who want to follow my blog,
please do it through Bloglovin. ^_^ ♡
I have a button in the right side of my blog
Thank you for your time~