Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014. Summer and Autumn (part 2.)

Happy New Year deers 
I hope you had a happy New Year's Eve ^_^

So just continue the last post, here is my autumn.
(mostly about my woodland adventures)
Yaay, Moomin 
I draw this on an envelope for penpaling  (๑>ᴗ<๑)
It turned out cute so I printed some stickers too.
Actually my third semester started at September,
so I didn't had too much free-time.
But I always visited my nearest woodland for
relaxing, gathering, and of course for seeing mushrooms!
(if you didn't know, I am a huge maniac of mushrooms)
They are so magical. 
Oh and a little detail of my favourite boots!
I went to visit a new woodland with my family and boyfriend 
It was more like a wildlife-park forest.
The Forester invited us to a little woodland cabin 
where you can peep to the wildlife.
If you are lucky, you can see beautiful deers or boars (etc.)
when the Forester lives them a little food to eat.

We was there in the right time.
It was just so enchanting when they came out. 
I was so touched...It was breathtaking.... and it felt like
in Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫).
I took only some pictures in the last minutes
because I lived for the moment instead of clicking.
(I am sorry for the reflections on the window).
They are so enchanting, aren't they? 
It was one of the best moments of 2014.
And plus point that I saw it with my 
most precious persons in the whole world. 

By the way, sadly I always forgot to take pictures
 of my incoming/outgoing letters but this year
I want to post more penpal things too. (and outfits!) (*^ω^*)

Have a wonderful 2015 my forest friends 
from all over the world ゜+・(о´▽`о)゜+・
As always, thank you for reading me, it means a 
lot to me 


  1. Your Moomin painting is just adorable! I really really love it. And the best: It was for me! ( : Thank you, my dear! ♥